Our Company

Sonar goes beyond traditional Mobile Application Development Platforms

We believe that reaching your audience on any device should be easy.

  • We believe open standards always win and the future is in the browser.

  • We believe you shouldn't spend even one second porting content and struggling with the broken App store model.

  • We believe creators should be able to create and share instantly without having to rely on IT.

  • We believe you should be able to connect with their audience on any device.

  • At sonarDesign, we are building that future. We're pioneering the first pixel perfect HTML5 application development platform.


sonarDesign Leadership Team

sonarDesign's leadership team brings experience from industry giants (Electronic Arts, Sierra Online, Dell, and Sapient) as well as buzz-worthy startups (Worldstream, Zynga, Challenge Games, Mock Science, Edge of Reality, and Human Code). They came together to change the world by delivering the first pixel perfect HTML5 application development platform. Meet our leaders below.

When you're working to change the world, people notice. Local, national, and industry press and influencers are talking about what we're doing with the Sonar mobile application development platform. Here's what the press has to say about sonarDesign.