Mobile App Development Platforms and the Emerging Creative Economy

Creative Economy Statistics

Want some statistics? OK, here goes...56% of digital marketers cite viewability across browsers as a top concern. 47% of marketing campaigns lack consistent viewability across screens. Consumers check their phones and interact with apps 150 times per day.

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Close Your Eyes

Do you know someone who is blind? Perhaps you are visually impaired yourself. Near the end of 2016 we were challenged to make the Sonar platform as easy and intuitive for blind / visually impaired (B&VI) learners as those with sight. At first blush we thought we were hooped. Our entire platform was based on owning […] Read more

Feb, 10, 2017


On Demand Apps are the Future – For Most

A lot can happen in ten years. Ten years ago Google purchased YouTube for an astounding $1.65 billion. We didn’t have stables of unicorn startups back then and many were surprised by the price Google was willing to pay for a startup only twenty months old with only $15 million in revenue. MySpace was averaging 51 […] Read more

Nov, 01, 2016


Top 4 Reasons Native Apps Suck

Why is it that in this modern day and age, everything about apps is frustrating? We use these little icons which cover our phones hundreds of times a day. Yet so many negative user experience and complaint forums exist, picking the top four was honestly very difficult. But without further ado, here are the Top Four […] Read more