Experiences That Work Everywhere...Easily.

Beyond Responsive. Beyond Native Apps.


Apps that Work Everywhere

iPhone, Android, and more - without compromises.
Built on the Sonar HTML5 platform.

No downloads or plugins for your customers. No App Store hurdles for you. It's a better way.

Engage Every Customer

Unlike native apps, HTML5-powered Web apps are built for the Modern Web. So they work on every browser and device.

A Complete Solution

Why struggle with Web hosting, CDNs, App stores, and third-party analytics packages? The Sonar platform does it all.

Surprisingly Affordable

Got six-figure sticker shock from traditional native app development? There's a better way...and faster ROI.


For Creative Pros

Build HTML5 apps, animations, presentations, and more - with no coding!


sonarDesign Resources

Want to follow the changes that are shaping the future of the Modern Web? Curious about HTML5 and Web apps? Interested in the emerging creation economy? Our Resources section is your one-stop-shop for industry statistics, news coverage, case studies, HTML5 thought leadership, and more.

Number of times consumers check their phones per day
% of marketers who find viewability across devices a major obstacle
Device/browser combinations accessing your content in the first hour after launch
Seconds per day that consumers spend on mobile devices

Our Company

We believe that engaging your audience on any device should be easy. Meet the team and learn about the vision behind the world's first complete HTML5 creation platform.

sonarDesign Clients

People Are Talking

  • The response shows that sonarDesign's ability to deliver an app-like experience across all platforms is a definite win for our audience.

    Bandolier Media, Daniel Stone

  • sonarDesign's turnkey solution allowed us to quickly design our app and iterate on it until it was just right, and then instantly publish it without having to get IT involved!

    University of Texas GAMMA Program, Paul Toprac, Associate Director

  • The Sonar platform enabled us to cost-effectively reach all our members across their screen of choice. The broad reach of the platform initially sold us, and the rich analytics have proven very valuable.

    That Man is You, Steve Bollman

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